Mission Statement

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Who are we

Natural Living Assets are a networking and consultancy group formed in 2007 to promote and develop the sustainability of Natural Living Assets.


Sustainability has been a fashionable buzz word in recent years. Many now realise the importance of utilizing our living natural assets in a way that adds value to our future, and that of our children and children’s children. Sustainability means utilizing resources in a way that provides  for the  greatest long term value without reducing the value of the natural living assets in the future.

Atlantic Salmon

At the heart of its purpose Natural Living Assets is committed to the conservation and development of wild Atlantic salmon as a natural living asset. If we can get this bit of sustainability right, that would provide a working reference benchmark for the wider economic sustainability issues.


Ensure the sustainability of Atlantic salmon (and Sea Trout) using mesures as a benchmark and reference for many other sustainability environmental ecomonic and social indicators.

Best Practice Guidelines

We want to work to develop best practice guidelines for sustainability in both the public and private sector.

Ultimately businesses and society will benefit economically from knowing that there will be abundant and diverse natural living assets across the economy in the future.

Context for Decision Making

A vital platform for Natural Living Assets is to provide a context for decision making based on economic, socio economic  value. Nature, wildlife and the earth’s natural balance need to be looked after to provide sustainable economies.

Business and Public Agenda

The real challenge for Natural Living Assets is to ensure businesses, civil servants and politicians are aware of the immense value provided by our natural living assets, their collective responsibility to ensure sustainability of the environment, economy and its social structure. Natural Living Assets plans ensure this happens.


Natural Living Assets will positively influence stewardship of the local and global environment for greatest socio economic and environmental gain.

Acting locally to accommodate unique geography whilst working to a global  agenda will be increasingly important.

Increased Environmental Awareness

We want to work with organisations to continually improve environmental awareness and work with practical action plans for sustainability.

Economic Behaviour and Ecology

There is much to be gained from understanding ecological principles but perhaps the greater challenge is to define how our economic behaviour impacts on future sustainability, the local environment, economy and culture.

Salmon of Knowledge

We do not have all the solutions but like a many layered onion Natural Living Assets can contribute to your need to understand sustainability.

At its heart Natural Living Assets strongly favours the survival of the “salmon of knowledge”, of Celtic mythology as a vital cog in global sustainability.

People we want to work with

Natural Living Assets wants to work with and positively influence the following people

  • Scientists
  • Government Agencies
  • Non Government Organisations 
  • Businesses
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Angling Clubs
  • Developers
  • Planners
  • Civil servants
  • Councillors
  • Charities
  • Anglers
  • Fishery Managers
  • Fisherman’s Organisations
  • Commercial Fishermen
  • Policy Makers
  • Decision makers
  • Sustainability Managers,
  • We are interested in Working with you and other organisations to maximise the socio-economic value of your Natural Living Assets, your business, and contribute to your future success. Understanding the sustainability of one endangered species will be used as a template to discuss wider sustainability issues that effect society, business and local communities.  

    Identifying economic and socio-economic measures with a view to progressing towards and a more sustainable higher value secure future.

    Reducing the negative impacts of pollution. A key aim is to achieve well managed Natural Living Resources,


    Working to establish Sustainable fish populations which will contribute substantially to the value of your own Natural Living Assets. Outcomes will be measured by assessing

    • Fish populations and their required habitats
    • Fish Stocks
    • Habitat indicators
    • Amenity value
    • Sustainable Exploitation Opportunities
    • Pollution Prevention
    • Promotion of agencies and their key messages
    • Economic development that is sustainable in creating greater future value.

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